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40-Fit Transformation Process


Rejuvenation set up

 As a dedicated working mom striving to shed 40lbs in just 16 weeks, we understand the challenges you face. First we are going to completely
BREAKDOWN your current mindset that you need to be in the gym lifting or running for hours every day in order to get the results. We recognize that you're focused on your career and family and often struggieto find energy for workouts. Our Rejuvenation set-up helps you prioritize and allows you to allocate the necessary time to reach your goals without burning out and getting overwhelmed. Say goodbye to the ongoing cycle of doubt and apprehension if you can succeed in the weigh loss journey. The rejuvenation setup will get focused and ready attack and power through your fitness goal.


Progressive Targeting

 The truth is, anyone can set fitness goals, but the amount of people actually achieving them is few and far between because most lack a proven system.
Progressive Targeting meets you where you are physically and mentally and then we build up from that point. Our "Progressive targeting" system works hand-in-hand with the
"rejuvenation set-up" to ensure you set realistic and attainable targets. Instead of feeling discouraged, you'll experience the joy of smashing through achievable goals, pushing you towards greater challenges as you progress steadily but surely.


Flexible nutritional blueprint

 Next we'll create a fully custom nutrition plan based on your goals and foods you like. The reason why people tend to gain weight or lose muscle mass, is because most are trying to follow trends. They see their favorite influencer telling them they only eat one meal per day, or fast until noon. Let's be honest these diets are nearly impossible to maintain. By following the flexible nutritional blueprint we'll start from the ground up to build you a nutrition plan that not only makes you feel great, look great and increase energy during the day, but will be able to fit flawlessly into your schedule.


40-Fit Online Transformation System

When it comes to reaching your fitness goals, having
someone to hold you accountable is one of the most important aspects. In fact, a ton of people out there live in this constant state of "trying" but never seem to get to where they want to be. Instead of large group formats and cookie cutter workout plans, we work directly with you 1:1 to put you in the best position to succeed and be consistent. Providing that coaching, cheerleading, much needed partnership that will allows you to feel fully confident that you're on pace to reach your goals, without wondering what's next.

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