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Safety tips for female solo runners

Many of us have hectic schedules and we are left with little time for ourselves. Still, whenever we do have free time, we instantly make plans and one of the most exciting activities we put on our list is running or simply taking a walk in the woods away from the bustling streets and bright lights but when it comes to running alone, we get a little terrified. Terrified of being followed, or forced, and sometimes even worse. What can be done? Sitting at home won’t be the solution so what can be done. Get your sneakers on and get ready for your workout as we've compiled a list of handy tips to assure your safety as a single runner.

● Keep someone informed

Always let someone know where you're going to run, how long you'll be gone, and when you'll return. That way, if you're late for any reason, someone will notice you're not there. Make sure this person understands what to do if you fail to arrive at your destination on time. Also, let them know if your intentions change so that they don't send out a search party just because you chose to run a few extra kilometers.

● Pepper Spray is a must

Remember the quote: Humans aren't made to outrun predators; we're built to outsmart them, which is why pepper spray was invented. Take it with you whenever you plan to run alone in a secluded location where there are chances you might encounter wildlife, lone folks, or hiding places. Carry it with you and put it in a pocket where you can easily access it.

● Keep your ID card with you

If you're unfortunate enough to be involved in a car accident or otherwise knocked out, having some kind of identification might make things a lot easier for emergency personnel. A person who will find you can establish contact with your relatives and take the required steps. Put your information in a waterproof ziplock and carry it on your shoe, or wear an identity bracelet or pendant. Carry anything that can help another person to get back to your loved ones.

● Self-defense

What's the better way to improve your skills than to learn a few master strokes? The goal is to concentrate on the places that are most vulnerable like the eyes, nose, throat, and genitals. If you have a personal trainer or coach, put ahead of the need of learning a few techniques, if not techniques will assist you in strengthening your body and muscles.

● Other safety measures

Reduce the volume of your music or run with only one ear plug-in. While listening to music can be incredibly motivating and help prevent boredom, it can also enable you to detect approaching danger If you're going for a run at night, stick to well-lit places, densely inhabited regions, and areas with active businesses. You must be alert of what is happening behind you, in front of you, and all around you, whether it be people, cars, or cycling.


Running is a pretty safe activity, but it's always a good idea to be cautious. Enjoy your running and don't allow your fear to stop you from getting in shape, but follow these safety tips to reduce your already low risk of any mishap

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